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STR 4-14 INT 4-12

DEX 6-16 WIL 4-13

CON 4-14 PER 4-13

dur as CON Action Check : 13+/12/6/3

Mov : Walk 4 , Run 10, Climbing 8 # act. 2

RS Ordinary/1


Claws 12/6/3 d4w/d4+1w/d4+2w LI/O

Weapon as weapon


variable defenses

Free Broad Skills

Athletics, Unarmed Attack, Acrobatics, Stamina, Knowledge, Awareness

Mutations/powers/ Racial abilities: Adaptation, Environment: Cold, Night Vision, Claws.

Drawbacks/ Racial Flaws : Nocturnal (Light Sensitivity), Environmental Sensitivity (Moderate): Warm Climates. . + most have a mild phobia of water (Doesnít apply to them while on their ships, itís only the thought of actually being in the water that freaks them out).

Desc :

Sea-Kral are ape-like humanoids with dark bluish-grey skin and a pelt of thick white hair growing on the head, neck and shoulders, females possess an additional thicket that grows down the bony spine of their backs. Both genders have long arms and an extra bone connecting the wrist to the hand. Long dextrous fingers capped by a claw-like nail, aid them in becoming accomplished craftsmen and bowmen.

Cmbt : Studded Leather armor and curved swords are their usual battle garb. Though they are highly skilled with both the shortbow and the crossbow. Indeed, the sight of several Sea-Kral archers hanging upside down from a ships rigging can be quite disconcerting.

Hab : Cold Temperate to Frigid / Seas and Oceans

Soc: They build long ships, in which to ply the seas, raiding and plundering other vessels as pirates. Their boats serve as their only home, in spite of the fact that most cannot swim. Sea-Kral fear the hungry waves, but derive too much pleasure from their violent way of life to abandon the ocean. With the Sea-Kral preferring cooler climes, many southern coastal towns and villages have an additional reason to dread winter, because with the coming of the cold, so come the Sea-Krals.

Biome : Cold Oceans

Encounter chance : Slim

Group size : 50-200 (One massive force numbered over 300 but this is rare).

Org : Tribal

Niche: Top level omnivore

IQ : sentient

Converted from Creatures & Treasures I (Rolemaster) from I.C.E.

Conversion by Brutorz Bill