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Sailor's Pups

STR 10 (d4+8) INT 4 (d4+2)

DEX 11 (d4+9) WIL 11 (d4+9)

CON 8 (d4+6) PER 4 (d4+2)

dur as CON Action Check : 12+/11/5/2

Mov : Walk 10, Run 36, Swim 8 # act. 2

RS: Ordinary/1


Bite 12/6/3 d4+2s/d4+1s/d4w LI/O


+1resistance vs. ranged attacks

+1 resistance vs. melee attacks


d4 (LI), none (HI), none (En)


Movement (8)-swim (17); Athletics (10) -jump (12); Unarmed Attack (10); Stamina (8) -endurance (12); Awareness (11) -perception (13).

Mutations/ Racial abilities: Natural Swimmers, New Body Parts (webbed paws), Adaptation, Environment Aquatic (any penalties associated with functioning in an aquatic environment are reduced by 2 steps, and Stamina-endurance checks receive a -2 bonus).

Desc : Raised on shipboard these white medium to large sized dogs are a sailors best friend. Their fur is coarse, straight, and flat, with an oily, water resistant quality. The eyes are blue, the muzzle short, ears are set back and lay flat. Sailor's Pups frolic like seals in water and can swim for hours. Seamen have trained them to rescue drowning men. Sailor's Pups also make trustworthy guard-dogs, since they seldom sound their piercing bark except when actually alarmed.

Cmbt : These brave dogs will face down the most dangerous of foes for their masters, whether it be a

pirate boarding party or a mutie shark.

Hab : Shipboard

Encounter chance : Probable

Group size : Varies, usually 1-4

Org : Solitary or small pack.

Niche : Omnivore

IQ : High-order animal.


Conversion by Brutorz Bill

Converted from the Rolemaster Adventure; Sky Giants of the Brass Stair by I.C.E..