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STR d4+10 INT 3 (an. d4+10)

DEX d4+8 WIL d4+12

CON d4+7 PER 4 (an. d6+8)

dur as CON AC 16+/15/7/3

Mov sprint 80 run 45 walk 14 # act 2

RS G/2


Bite 12/6/3 d6s/d3w/d6+1w (LI/O)

Suffocation as per drowning rules

Defenses armor d4-2 (LI), d3-2 (HI), d4-2 (En)

+2 vs melee

+2 vs ranged


Stealth- shadow 4; Movement- race 6; Stamina- endurance 4; Tactics- pack 3; Awareness- intuition 2, perception 4; Resolve- mental, physical 3

Mutations/powers heightened senses (sight), heightened speed

Desc These rats have evolved along the lines of the cheetah. They are long and wiry with some pale spots. The front incisors have become razor sharp to slice through meat. They are about .5 m high and 1.3 m long.

Cmbt Like cheetahs, rapides do not hunt in groups. After finding prey, a rapide will try to sneak up on it. When the rapide is with in 10 meters, it launches itself at full speed trying to knock the prey down. The

rapide then graps the prey by its throat and suffocates it. Note it can only sprint for d3 rounds.

Hab/Soc Rapides are an excellent example of convergent evolution. They are almost indistinguishable from cheetahs in behavior and resemble them greatly in form. They are not the top carnivores of the plains- that goes to some of the odder mutations, but are among the most numerous of the predators. Hoppers, rabbucks and deer are the standard diet of rapides.

Biome plains

Encounter chance unlikely

Group size d3

Org solitary

Niche medium level carnivore

IQ high level animal

Converted from After Man by Dougal Dixon