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STR d4+10 INT 2 (an. d4+4)

DEX d6+10 WIL d3+6

CON 2d4+8 PER 3 (an. d6+6)

dur as CON AC 14+/13/6/3

Mov sprint 45 run 20 walk 12 # act. 2

RS O/2


Bite 4/2/1 d3s/d4+1s/d2w (LI/O)

Defenses armor d4-2 (LI), d3-2 (HI), d6-4 (En)

+1 vs melee

+3 vs ranged


Athletics- jump 3; Acrobatics- dodge 2; Movement; Stamina- endurance 2; Awareness- perception 4.

Mutations/powers: none

Desc These giant rabbits are becoming the dominate species in the grasslands of Meriga. They have long necks and legs, are usually a shade of brown, and strong hind legs for hopping.

Cmbt Rabbucks will only fight if cornered. They act as most herd animals when a predator is detected, by running.

Hab/Soc Since the destruction of the pronghorn and bison, rabbits have evolved to replace them in the form of rabbucks. Hoops occasional try to domesticate them, but have failed so far. They are the prefered game by most of the peoples who in habit the heartlands.

Biome grasslands

Encounter chance probable

Group size 10d10

Org herd

Niche herbivore

IQ low level animal

Converted from After Man by Dougal Dixon