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Plague Beetle

STR d4+12 INT d4+6

DEX d4+4 WIL d3+3

CON d4+8 PER d3+2

Dur as CON AC 15+/14/7/3

Mov sprint 20, walk 2, fly 40 # of actions 2

RS G/2


Bite 10/5/2 d6s/d4w/d6+2w (LI/O)

Defenses Armor d4+4 (LI), d6 (HI), d3+1 (En)

Melee +1

Ranged +3


Acrobatics[6]- flight (15), Stealth [6]- hide (18), sneak (16)

Stamina[10]- endurance (14)

Knowledge[8]- deduce (12)

Awareness [5]- perception (16)

Ecological data

Biome Temperate land

Encounter Chance Slim

Group size 2-20

Organization see text

Niche Scavenger

Int sentient


Desc The plague beetle is a giant scarab. It is 1 meter long and has

almost perfect chameleon abilities (in fact, it can not turn it off). It

is a scavenger that uses disease to kill its food (like a Komodo dragon).

They are not violent, and will only use the disease when their food

supply is in major decline.

Combat Plague beetles run from violence, only attacking if defending

food. If they encounter weak or massed animals, they emit the bacteria

they kill with. It is released via spiracles in a cloud 15 meters in

diameter. This cloud leaves a residue that lasts 4-5 days. Those in the

cloud must make a Con check (at +2 steps). CF means death in 2-5 days, F

means death in 5-10 days, O means death in 3-4 weeks, G means comatose

starting in 2-5 days and lasting 2-3 months, A means no affects. CF-O

start with the victim going comatose in 3-8 hours. Each beetle can emit

this cloud twice per day. White Hands can cure this disease fairly

easily- all they need is access to antibiotics (even penicillin or


Habitat/Society Plague beetles live in small egalitarian groups. When

they attack a town, each uses deduce to pick suitable targets- inns,

taverns, granaries, town halls, and other places where people or food is

concentrated. Then each uses the bacteria to wipe out most of the town.

After the survivors flee, the beetles feast. They then go back to

scavenging in the wilds, if possible.

These are not based on enroaches (did not even knew they existed until

stephen said something). Anyways those are roaches, these are beetles-

they are as related as cows and lions.