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STR d2 INT 2 (an. d4)

DEX d4+12 WIL d4+1

CON d3 PER 3 (an. 3d4)

dur as CON AC 11+/10/5/2

Mov walk 2 fly 56 # act. 1

RS O/1

Mutations: wings, metamorphosis (unique), hyper senses

Defects: severe phobia (humans and mutants), susceptable to damage (en)




armor none

-2 vs melee

+1 vs ranged


Acrobatics- flight 6; Awareness- perception 8

Desc Pigons are descendents of pigeons. If their normal form, they look identical. But few ever see them this way; pigons alter their form in to that of a nearby object to hide from predators. The only time they are unaltered is when fleeing humans and when feeding.

Cmbt Pigons have no combat abilities whatsoever. Those hunting them find that lasers are best in bringing them down.

Hab Pigons are only found in ancient ruins. Otherwise they are found all over the temperate regions of Gamma Terra.

Soc Flocks of pigons exist as to confuse predators and to easily find suitable mates.

Biome Ruins

Encounter chance Probable

Group size 4d10

Org Flock

Niche herbivore

IQ low order animal