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Oskan Blood Eater

STR 3d4+6 INT d6+3
DEX d4+3 WIL d6+8
CON d8+8 PER d3+1
dur as CON X 1.5 AC 15+/14/7/3
Mov sprint 12 run 8 walk 4 # act. 3
RS G/3

Claws 16/8/4 d6w/d8+3w/d3m (LI/O)

Defenses armor d6 (LI), d3 (HI), d4+1 (En)
+3 vs melee
0 vs ranged

Athletics; Stamina- endurance 8; Awareness- perception 2; Investigate-track 8, Resolve- physical 2, mental 6.

Mutations/powers: frenzy- when a large animal (2 m+) is scented, the blood eater goes bezerk and adds 2 points of damage to its claws.

Desc Blood eaters are 2.5 meters tall, blood red, and have 4 arms, ending with one long claw. Their heads have many short, thick tentacles used to ingest blood. They do have sensory organs, but these are hidden by the
tentacles. Their feet have 2 large toes and they leave a distinct track.

Cmbt Blood eater are not subtle in there attacks. They rush headlong into melee, attempting to cut the target to pieces. They are single minded and will deal with only target at one time and will track a a lost victim for up to 2 weeks.

Hab Blood eaters were created to kill people anywhere and thus are found everywhere (except underwater).

Soc Oskan was the head researcher who developed the blood eater. Now they are free and live solitary lives. Some are still control of Ancient installations and are used as assassins by the controling AI. They reproduce by parthenogenesis (laying eggs without sex) and so they are clonial.

Biome any land
Encounter chance slim
Group size 1
Org solitary
Niche top hemovore
IQ sentient

converted from Star Wars: Creatures of the Galaxy