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Ophidian (Snake men)

STR d6+6 INT 2d6+2
DEX d4+6 WIL 2d6+2
CON 2d4+6 PER 2d6+2
dur as CON AC 16+/15/7/3
Mov walk 8 #actions 3
RS G/2

melee weapon

Brawl per weapon
Bite 14/7/4 d2w/d4w/d6w (LI/O)

defenses armor d4+2(LI), d3 (HI), 0 (en)
+1 vs melee
+2 vs ranged

As per former life and Awareness- perception 2 (add 2 if was a former life skill).

Desc : Ophidians are large snakes with human arms. They are usually brown and/or green.

Cmbt : Ophidians attack with a bite and possibly a melee weapon. They have venom sacks, but these contain a metamorphosis virus that alter any human bitten into an ophidian. Any strike forces the victim to make a CON check at a 2 step penalty. An A-O result means the virus has no effect, F means the victim will become an ophidian over 3-5 weeks, CF means the victim will die in 2-3 days. Ophidians attack in large groups (usually 15 or more) and try to overwhelm and capture any humans for infection; non-humans are slain.

Hab/Soc : Ophidians were a biological weapon developed by the United Americas to deal with terrorists in the Central American region. The UA wanted a weapon that would terrify the rebels into submission, so they had ophidians created from a local toxic snake. At first they were toxic and were used for shock troops. But they were sterile and expensive to create. So, to give them a way of reproduction and a further way of horrifying the rebels, the metavirus was developed. After 200 years of use, they suddenly had no one to lead them during the Shadow years. So they went out on their own and formed small bands that were very xenophobic. They did spread as far south as Brazil and as far north as Georgia (they are in the New South). Each band acts like social snakes for the most part, until their numbers start to fall. Then they raid human towns to transform new members. Some are servants of the yuan-ti, but they are few compared to the "feral" ophidians.