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Morph scorp

STR d3 INT 1 (an. d3)

DEX d4+2 WIL d4+6

CON d3 PER 1 (an. d3)

dur as CON AC 9+/8/4/2

Mov run 2 walk 1 # act 2

RS O/1


Claws 8/4/2 d2s/d3s/d4s (LI/O)

Sting 12/6/3 1s/d2s/1w (LI/O)plus virus


armor d3-2 (LI), 0 (HI), 0 (En)-1 vs melee+1 vs ranged


Awareness- perception 6

Mutations/powers: venom sac now makes a metamorphosis virus, infravision

Desc Morph scorps are mutant scorpions that were developed, like the ophidian, as a terror weapon. They were not finished by the time of the Cataclysm and the virus may have unusual effects. It looks like an unaltered scorpion and is light to dark brown in color. They are nocturnal.

Cmbt ' Scorps attack anything that threatens them with claws and its sting. Those hit with an A result must make a CON feat check- a CF means the virus kills the victim after 3d4 agonizing days (the victim is

partially changed), F means the victim is altered into a mutant cow and has a 15% chance of losing all mutations permanently, O means the victim loses d3 INT and gains hooves for feet, G&A means the victim takes 3d4w over 2 hours. The virus was developed to alter dissidents in to cattle (or sheep or any other domestic animal the GM wants). Note that humans have a much smaller mass and thus make small cows which grow to full size in 3-6 months.

Hab Morph scorps live now in the rocky deserts of SW Meriga. They will not interbreed with the native population.

Soc ' Scorps live solitary lives. They act like any normal scorpion and may be found in small groups that do not interact. They are considered a threat by non-cattle where ever they are found.

Biome rocky desert

Encounter chance unlikely

Group size d6

Org solitary

Niche low level carnivore

IQ low order animal