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Mole Beetle

STR d4+12 INT 1 (animal d3)

DEX d2+3 WIL d4+5

CON d4+14 PER 1 (animal d3)

Dur as CON AC 9+/8/4/2

Move walk 4 burrow 3 # of act. 1

RS O/1


bite 6/3/2 d6w/d8+4w/d4m


+4 vs melee

-2 vs rngd


2d4+2 (LI), d6+2 (HI), d4+2 (E)


Athletics [14], Awareness [7]- perception [14]

No 1-3

Freq R Org solitary

Act Cyc any Diet dead organic matter (plant and animal)

TECH 0 Art none

Cl/Terr underground

Desc These huge beetles slowly bore their way through the earth. Most

(95%) of the time, they are 50+ meters down and have no impact on the

surface. When they do come up, usually to feed on dead trees, they leave

mounds of displaced soil. They are considered a nuance because they

occasionally attack wooden structures. They are black as pitch, have

small eyes, and many hairs covering thier antennae and legs (used to

detect motion).

Cmbt Mole beetles defend themselves with their mandibles. On an 18+, one

piece of armor (randomly chosen), is destroyed. Those with out armor have

a 50% chance of losing a limb (again randomly chosen) on every hit. They

will not attack without provocation. Note that light has no effext upon


Soc Mole beetles feed on the organic matter in the soil like worms. When

there is a large concentration of OM, several MBs will be found. After

battles involving 30+ individuals, there is a 2% chance a MB will come up

following the blood trail.