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Mo'tal (vamp)

STR d4 INT 1 (an. d2)

DEX d8+8 WIL 2d4+4

CON d3 PER 1 (an. d4)

dur as CON AC 18+/17/8/4

Mov walk 1 fly 36 # act 3

RS G/3


Bite 12/6/3 d4s/1w/d2w (LI/O)

Blood Drain automatic d2w/phase (LI/O)

Defenses armor d4-2 (LI), 0 (HI), 0 (En)

-1 vs melee

+3 vs range


Acrobatics- flight 4; Stealth- hide 8; Movement- race 12; Tactics- swarm 8; Awareness- perception 10.

Mutations/powers: heightened smell, sight, hearing, and speed, group mind, infravision, chemical susceptibility, chameleon power, nocturnal.

Desc These giant mosquitos are the bane of those in their range. They are .75 meters long and are able to alter their coloration. Otherwise their structure is unchanged.

Cmbt Mo'tal "sleep" in trees during the day, using their chameleon power to hide while they sleep. When awakened, they stay on the tree for 2-5 hours waiting for suitable prey to pass by. If nothing shows, they fly

off as a swarm looking for food. They use pack tactics to overwhelm all animals that are sighted by the swarm (up to 8 can attack a human sized creature/phase). They use infravision to identify prey, so all

plants/fungi/ true cold blooded aliens/etc. are ignored by the swarm.

Hab Temperate forests and boreal forests have different genera (but there is no difference stat-wise. There are rumored to be larger specimens in the tropics, but no one has confirmed this. They are prey for several carnivorous plants.

Soc Mo'tal live in the steriotypical insect swarm with the individuals being disposable.

Biome forests

Encounter chance slim

Group size 15d8

Org swarm

Niche medium level hemovore

IQ low level animal

Based on aliens from Pitch Black.