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Leaping Devil

STR d6+1 INT 2 (an. d6+3)

DEX d8+6 WIL d6+6

CON d4+1 PER 3 (an. d6+6)

dur as CON AC 16+/15/7/3

Mov sprint 40 walk 6 # act 3

RS O/2


Claws 14/7/3 d2s/d3+1s/d2w (LI/O)

Bite 12/6/3 d3s/d4+1s/d3w (LI/O)

Defenses armor none

0 vs melee

+2 vs ranged


Stealth- hide 5, shadow 4; Movement; Stamina- endurance 2; Tactics- pack 6; Awareness- intuition 2, perception 4.

Mutations/powers: heighened sense (sight)

Desc These rodents have evolved a bipedal stance. Because of this, they hop like a kangaroo. The feet now have long rending claws (the back are used to kill prey and the front to tear apart dead prey). They also have long, sharp incisors that are very noticable to nearby observers. They are brown to light brown in color, with the plains species having darker brown stripes. Each is .3 -.8 m in height.

Cmbt Leaping devils hunt in large packs. They surround the prey and attempt to bring it down with numbers. Up to 6 can attack a man-sized creature per phase. Each uses its hind claws to drive the prey to the ground and then its fangs to finish the prey off.

Hab/Soc Leaping devils live in arid areas- grasslands and deserts. They live in packs similar to a wolf pack- each individual has a rank that is only changed by combat or death. They are feared by intelligent beings

because they seem to strike from nowhere and some hunt at night.

Biome grasslands and deserts

Encounter chance slim

Group size 6d8

Org pack

Niche mid level carnivore

IQ high order animal