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One-Ear couldn't believe his luck, the stupid villagers had locked him in an old jail cell, complete with old metal bars. It took him no time to rubberize the bars and escape. The Hoop paused for a moment before he freed Zeek and Six-Fingers. He might need them after all. Sneaking to the boatdock the trio stole a rowboat and quickly paddled accross the river of muck, Zeek proved very useful when a Black Lung surfaced looking for food...Bye bye, Zeek...Making their way to the ruins, One-ear pondered why the villagers hadn't bothered to explore the ruins...something about bees? Cowards! what were a few stings, compared to the riches of the Ancients! Nearing the ruins, Six-Fingers froze,"I sense Danger!" the mutant looked about in a panic.."Of course you do you moron, ME, I'll run you through If you don't keep moving!"...sometimes Six-Fingers needed a little prodding and One-Ear was just the Hoop to do it. One-Ear heard a distinct "BZZZZ" coming from the broken down walls. "Damn must be a big hive of bees in there to make that kind of racket."

The Hoop pushed Six-Fingers onward...Just then nine of the biggest bees they had ever seen rose up from the ruins. Each one was nearly a foot long, with multi-faceted eyes and brownish-yellow body, What One-Ear saw immediately was the viscious stingers each one bore, and each Killer Bee was headed straight for them. The Hoop spun around knocked his sidekick over and bounded away with all the speed he could summon! He heard Six-Fingers scream in terror..."BZZZZZZ"....The Hoop rounded the bend and ducked under a low rock, panting heavily, "Whew, good thing I freed Six-Fingers after all, I am one lucky hoop!..What the? .."BZZZZZZ"

Killer Bee
STR d4+2

INT 1 (an. d3)

DEX d6+12

WIL d6+12
CON d3+1

PER 1 (an. 2d4+4)
dur as CON

AC 17+/16/8/4
Mov walk 2 fly 48 # act 3
RS G/2

Sting 8/4/2 1s/2s/1w (LI/O)
Poison as standard hemotoxin

Defenses armor d3-2 (LI), none (HI), d4-3 (En)
-1 vs melee
+3 vs ranged

Acrobatics- flight 5; Awareness- perception 6.

Mutations/powers: heightened senses (smell and taste)

Desc: These bees are the mutant decendents of Africanized honeybees. They are .3 m long.

Cmbt : KBs attack anything that threatens them or their hive. Up to 12 can attack a man sized creature per phase. After a KB stings, it flies off without a portion of its abdomen- the stinger and poison sack. The sack continues to pulse and drives a single dose of poison/phase for d4+1 phases. The KB will die in 2-3 hours, its life given for the hive.

Hab/Soc : KBs live in hives and collect nectar for food. They are feared by most everything in Meriga (and rightly so).

Biome : warm dry land
Encounter chance : unlikely
Group size : 3d6 out side hive, 3d6X15 in hive
Org : swarm/hive
Niche : pollinator
IQ : low order animal

Creature Concept & Fiction by Brutorz Bill

Adapted to Alternity by Derek Holland