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Ka'tal (flying death)

STR d4+12 INT 1 (an. d3+2)
DEX d4+12 WIL d6+6
CON d4+12 PER 1 (an. d3)
dur as CON X 1.5 AC 21+/20/10/5
Mov walk 2 fly 70 # act. 4
RS A/4

Air scoop 18/9/4 see below
Bite 18/9/4 d6+3w/d8+2w/d4+2m (LI/G)
Fluctuating eyes of power as mutation
Atmoskinesis as mutation

Defenses armor d6+1 (LI), d4+1 (HI), d3+1 (En)
+3 vs melee
+5 vs ranged
Immune to light based attacks (not lasers)

Acrobatics- flight 10, dodge 8; Movement; Stamina- endurance 6; Survival;
Awareness- perception 8; Investigate- track 6; Resolve

Mutations/powers: fluctuating eyes of power, AK, full carapace

Desc Ka'tal are giant darner dragonflies. The only odd thing about them, other than being 4 meters long, is their eyes swirl with color- almost a kaleidoscope in effect.

Cmbt A ka'tal hunt flying prey by coming in behind, forming a "net" with is legs, and scooping the food out of the air. This usually disorients they prey long enough for the ka'tal to land with it (WIL check at -2 A or G rusults mean no affect O-CF results mean the ka'tal has time to land). If the pery is to fast, the ka'tal will use AK to boost it speed to 80. If it misses and the prey retaliates, the ka'tal uses its mutations to force the prey to land. On the ground, the ka'tal will use either its bite or eye rays to kill the prey. Ka'tal fight to the death.

Hab/Soc see below

Ka'tal (swimming death)

STR d4+12 INT 1 (an d4+2)
DEX d4+6 WIL d6+6
CON d4+12 PER 1 (an. d3)
dur as CON X 1.5 AC 19+/18/9/4
Mov swim 3 jet 14 # act. 3
RS G/3

Ram 20/10/5 d8+4w/d12+4w/d6+2m (HI/G)
Bite 18/9/4 d6+3w/d8+2w/d4+2m (LI/G)
Zapping eyes of power as mutation
Hydrokiesis as mutation

Defenses armor d6+2 (LI), d4 (HI), d3+1 (En)
+3 vs melee
+3 vs ranged

Acrobatics- swim 4; Stealth- hide 4; Movement; Stamina- endurance 6;
Survival; Awareness- perception 3 (see below)

Mutations/powers: gills, zapping eyes of power, HK, chameleon power, detect life, water vision

Desc This is the naiad of the flying death. It looks like a wingless dragonfly with a limb with claws for a lower lip. Like all dragonfly naiads, the ka'tal keeps its gills in its rectum, this with the addition of being able to store wastes at high pressure, allows the naiad to jet forth at amazing speed for d3 phases to capture prey. It tends to be 3.5 to 4 meters in length.
Cmbt The Ka'tal hides on the bottom of large bodies of water, using an innate ability to alter its color, and waits for something eatable to swim or crawl by. It then jets forth and rams the prey. If the prey tries to escape or defend its self, the ka'atl uses its bite and mutations to kill the prey. Like the adult, swimming deaths fight to the death.

Hab/Soc Ka'tal are always found near large rivers and lakes. It is rumored that a larger marine variety exists, but it is unconfirmed (probably because it would eat anyone who saw it). The adults are never found in groups, except when mating. The young tend to eat each other and so keep the population down.
Biome near large rivers and lakes
Encounter chance slim
Group size 1-3
Org solitary
Niche top level carnivore
IQ low level animal