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STR 23 (2d4+18) INT 5 (Animal 14 or d4+12)

DEX 4 (d4+2) WIL 16 (d4 +13)

CON 20 (2d6+13) PER 4 (Animal 13 or d4+11)

Dur 30/30/15/15 AC 7+/6/3/1

Mov swim 40 # act. 2

RS Marginal/1


Ram 10/5/2 d8+1s/d12+2s/d4+2w LI/G

Tail slap 10/5/2 d6s/d8+1s/d12+2s LI/G


Good toughness

+1 resistance modifier vs. melee attacks

-1 resistance modifier vs. ranged attacks

Armor : d8 (LI), d6 (HI), D8 (En)


Movement (20); Stamina (20); Awareness (16)-intuition (18); -perception (18); Resolve (16).


The Jonah is a genetic marvel of the Ancients. A genetic adaptation of the humpback whale, it is similar in appearance to its progenitor, except the hump is significantly more pronounced. It has a powerful tail fin and a pair of smaller fins nearer the creature's head for guidance and buoyancy. The jonah has two flaps of skin midway through the hump on its back that seal at will to lock out water. They can be opened separately like hatches to reveal passageways about six feet in diameter. Each passageway leads into a separate area deep within the whale's hump. Each of these compartments is about 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 5 feet high. There is room for eight passengers to sit comfortably, or for an equivalent volume of cargo to be carried. These compartments hold enough air for eight people to breathe for two hours (or one person for 16 hours).

A soft patch of tissue grows in one of the hump compartments. The soft tissue can pick up vocal vibrations, allowing the whale to effectively "hear" what is going on in the compartment. The membrane also senses pressure and can be used by passengers to control the whale's movements, much the way a bit and bridle direct a horse.

When a jonah is not carrying anything in its compartments, it can fill them with water to facilitate deeper diving. It can also partially collapse these compartments, forcing out the water to aid in resurfacing. Being an air breather, a jonah must surface once every two hours, otherwise it drowns.

Cmbt The jonah is non-carnivorous and non-belligerent. It is usually left alone by predators because of its huge size.

Hab: Pacific Ocean. The jonah is exclusively a marine creature and cannot survive out of water.

Soc : The jonah is a beast of burden. It is a social creature, living a peaceful life in herds as large as several dozen. It accepts simple commands and carries them out to the best of its ability.

While not truly sentient, jonah's can learn to associate places with sounds. For example, a trained jonah knows that the sound "En-We-To" , means its passenger wants it to go to that atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Jonahs also respond to commands such as "attack" and "flee," and new commands can be easily taught and learned. (The jonah , because of its docile nature, prefers to interpret "attack" as "flee" unless no escape route is available.)

Jonahs show great perseverance when following commands. If a jonah cannot complete a command due to circumstances beyond its control, it remembers it and attempts to fulfill it later. They respond to affection with great loyalty. If abused, jonahs will challenge their abusers, but despite their great size, they are easily cow to the infliction of pain.

Biome Pacific Ocean

Encounter chance Unlikely

Group size 1d12

Org Family

Niche Large herbivore

IQ subsentient

Converted from No Humans Allowed (XXVc game) by TSR. (please note 98% of the text above is straight from the book . No copyright infringement intended. For simplicity sake consider the whole document to be in " "). : )

Conversion by Brutorz Bill