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STR d6+3 INT 1 (an. d4+2)

DEX d6+4 WIL d4+3

CON d6+1 PER 2 (an. 2d4)

dur as CON AC 15+/14/7/3

Mov walk 2 glide 48 # act. 1

RS G/1


Slash 12/6/3 d6s/d4w/d6w (LI/O)

Defenses armor d3 (LI), 0 (HI), d4-2 (En)

0 vs melee

+1 vs ranged


Acrobatics- glide 3; Stealth- hide 6; Awareness- perception 4.

Mutations/powers: Chameleon power, new body part ("horns").

Desc Jaculi are arboral snakes. They have an ability to change their coloration and have large, boney ridges on the sides of the head.

Cmbt Jaculi are not combative unless something invades thier territory for any long period of time (longer than 15 minutes). Then they fling themselves at the invaders, trying to ram. They can do this once every 3 minutes as they must climb the trees to be able to fling themselves. Most of the time this results in a dead hit (and stun damage), but occasional they do slice the target open with their crests. When the invaders leaves or dies, the swarm goes back to their trees and calms down.

Hab Jaculi are found in temperate forests. They feed upon mosses and insects that dwell on the trees. Thus, if there was a way to domesticate them, many farmers with orchards would love jaculi.

Soc Jaculi live in large "swarms", in which all members are equal.

Biome temp forests

Encounter chance unlikely

Group size 11-20

Org swarm

Niche high level insectivore (low level omnivore)

IQ low order animal

Converted from the old Fiend Folio.