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Hell Worm

STR d4+10 INT 3 (an. 2d4+2)

DEX d6+5 WIL d6+4

CON d12+6 PER 2 (an d4+1)

dur as CON AC 17+/16/8/4

Mov swim 4 walk 1 # act. 3

RS G/2


Bite 16/8/4 d6w/d8+2w/d4+1m (LI/G)

Horn 10/5/2 d4w/d6+2w/d8+3w (LI/O)

Fire blast 22/11/5 d8+3w/d12+2w/d6m (En/O)

Pyrokinesis as mutation

Defenses armor d8+2 (LI), d6 (HI), d6+4 (En)

+2 vs melee

+1 vs ranged

immune to fire/heat/magma


Stealth- hide 6; Movement; Stamina- endurance 6; Survival; Awareness-perception 4, intuition 6; Resolve- mental 3, physical 8

Mutations/powers: pyrokinesis, fire blast, immune to fire/heat, absorbs heat for energy

Desc This creature is a caterpillar has evolved to exist in volcanic conditions. It is orange with yellow and red markings. Its prolegs (the soft legs that disappear in adulthood) are shaped as flippers and allow it to swim through liquid rock. And it has a horn similar to a rhino beetle. It is usually 3-8 meters long.

Cmbt Hell worms hide, conserving energy, until suitable food comes along. When an animal or plant comes within 50 m, the worm studies it for a phase or two before striking. This allows it to use its intuition. It then strikes with its pyro or its fire blast (a cone 2-15 m wide X 10 m long). The latter can be used every other round. If the prey approaches to defend itself, the worm bites or stabs the prey to death. It will only

run if it has only one or two stun/wound points left. It will then run for the closest pool of magma and dive into it.

Hab/Soc Hell worms live in area of volcanic action or great heat. They usually live in/near magma, but can be found in hot desert regions, though they go through diapause in cold times (its like sleep, but the

worm is not unconscious). They are solitary in the extreme, and will kill others who try to move in on their territory.

Biome volcanos and hot deserts

Encounter chance slim

Group size 1

Org solitary

Niche top level carnivore

IQ medium level animal


Hell fly

STR d4+2 INT 1 (an. d6+2)

DEX d6+8 WIL 2d4+3

CON d6+3 PER 2 (an. d4+3)

dur as CON AC 19+/18/9/4

Mov walk 2 fly 30 # act. 3

RS A/3


Fire burst 22/11/5 d8+3w/d12+2w/d6m (En/O)

Pyrokinesis as mutation

Defenses armor 0 (LI), 0 (HI), d6+2 (en)

-1 vs melee

+3 vs ranged

immune to fire/heat


Acrobatics- flight 4; fall 2; Movement; Stamina; Survival; Awareness-perception 10

Mutations/powers: pyrokinesis, fire burst, immune to fire/heat

Desc Hell flies are the adult form of hell worms and are giant colorful moths. They are yellow with orange and purple markings. They are usually 2 m long.

Cmbt Only female hell flies can attack, and do so with ferocity. She swoops down on her targets and blasts them with flame until the victims die. She fights to the death. They may attack in groups, but each female tries to claim as many bodies as possible.

Hab/Soc Hell flies have only one activity- breeding. After mating the males die and the females look for food for her young. After finding and killing several large (200 kg+) animals, the female lays one egg in each after moving them to a lava pool. It then guard the bodies (which sit at the pools edge) until after the eggs hatch. She then moves the bodies apart as not to allow cannibalism. She then dies next to the last body, providing food to that hell worm.

Biome volcanos and hot deserts

Encounter chance slim

Group size 1-4

Org solitary

Niche high level carnivore

IQ medium level animal