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Gretvols (dark dwellers)

STR d6+8 INT 1 (an. d3+3)

DEX d4+2 WIL d4+3

CON d8+4 PER 1 (an. d3+1)

dur as CON AC 9+/8/4/2

Mov walk 3 burrow (sb) # act 1

RS O/1


Claws 9/5/2 d3w/d4+2w/d6+2w (LI/O)

Defenses armor none

-1 vs melee

-1 vs ranged


Stealth- hide 10

Mutations/powers: Diminished sight, heightened hearing, new body parts (claws), displacement, burrow at 10 m/round

Notes: as per 4th ed gretvol in Overlord of Bonparr. I decided not to give them awareness-perception because of the low percept scroe thay have (3), even though they do have on heightened sense. The Grevtol is a giant mole. It is no different in appearance and mostly eats roots and worms. The only time it can be a hazard, is when it is hungery and comes upon a weak animal on the surface. It is a coward and retreats after only taking (3s/1w/1m). It is also a pest of underground communities (like Ichun) as it will eat food stores.
[I see no reason not to make it eatable].