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Attribute Ranges

Str: 10-17

Dex: 4-10

Con: 6-16

Int: 4-14

Wil: 4-14

Per: 4-11

Free Broad Skills

Str- Athletics , Unarmed Attack

Dex- Vehicle Operation

Con- Stamina

Int- Knowledge

Wil- Awareness

Per- None

Height: 7'

Fingers: two fingers with an opposable thumb (When using equipment not designed for Gorn fingers, such as human computer terminals, the Gorn suffer a +1 step penalty).

Racial Advantages:

Tough Hide-Armor equivalent of; d6+1(LI), d4+1(HI), d4 En).

Superior Durability-When determining durability rating, use Con score x 1.5.


Racial Disadvantages:

Slow Reflexes- +1 step penalty to all action checks.


Gorn are bipedal reptilians, and are much larger and stronger than humans. This is due in large part to their home planet, which has a harsh environment and a relatively high local gravity (1.4 Gs). Living on this planet has done more than increase their strength and endurance levels, but also affected their philosophy. The Gorn value their physical strength very highly. They prefer to exert their will through physical dominance. Most Gorn will be Combat Specs.




Conversion by Brutorz Bill (taken from Star Trek, of course).