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STR d4+12 INT 3 (an. 2d4+4)

DEX d6+6 WIL d4+12

CON d6+8 PER 1 (an. d3)

dur as CON AC 23+/22/11/5

Mov walk 3 fly 18 # act. 3

RS A/3


Bites 20/10/5 d4+3w/d6+2w/d8+2w (LI/O)

Claws 18/9/5 d4w/d4+1w/d6+2w (LI/O)

Enzyme G or A bite d2w/phase for 2d4 phases

Blood drain automatic d3w/phase

Defenses armor d8+2 (LI), d6+2 (HI), d6+2 (En)

+3 vs melee

+3 vs ranged

Resistant to cold (effective to -120 degrees C)



Acrobatics- flight 4; Stealth- hide 8; Stamina- endurance 8; Survival; Awareness- perception 12; Resolve- physical 3.

Mutations/powers: augmented armor, heightened smell, touch, and sight, improved digestive system.

Desc : A go'tal is an unusual insect- it is only active in the winter. It has large forelegs like a mantis, a narrow head,a wide abdomen and is only .75 meters tall (it is however 4 meters long). It does not have

recognizable mandibles as they are modified into a beak used to inject digestive enzymes and to suck out the blood and organ soup (or sap). It is several shades of white and always is found in snowy areas (it

migrates on the wing).

Cmbt : A go'tal hides under the snow, waiting for prey to pass by. If something passes near it, it springs out so fast that only those with hyperspeed can react before the strike. It uses its claws to immobilize the target and then uses it beak to inject the enzymes.

Hab : Go'tal are found only in the northern areas where snow is found. They hatch in December and die off in March. If no suitable animals are in the area, go'tal will feed on trees and shrubs.

Soc : Go'tal are extremely solitary predators. They are only found together in times of plenty or as nymphs (the immature form).

Biome northern forests

Encounter chance slim

Group size 1 or d3

Org solitary

Niche top predator

IQ high level animal