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STR d3+10 INT d4+6

DEX d4+8 WIL d6+6

CON d4+8 PER d4+6

DUR as CON AC 16+/15/7/4

Move walk 6 skim 16 fly 21# act 2

RS O/2


Bite 16/8/4 d6+1w/ d8+2w/d3m (LI/O)


+3 vs melee

+2 vs rngd


d4+1 (LI), d3 (HI&En)


Acrobatics [10]- dodge[14], -flight[12], Stealth[10] -sneak[14], Stamina[10]- endurance[12], Awareness[9]- perception[16], Resolve[14], Entertainment[8]- dance[14]

The only addition to the get'tal is that, if it detects intelligent prey, it will act harmless (using dance) until it gets a chance to strike.

DESC.: Ger'tal are mutant water striders. They have a slender, dark body, and the ability to "walk" on water. This is accomplished by large water resistant hairs on each foot. To move It extends one claw into the water (otherwise it would just sit there unable to move). They are important carrion eaters.

Combat : They lay flat on the water until possible prey or carrion is sighted. If the prey is live, the ger'tal moves within range of its stunning force and uses it. Anyone not stunned is bitten or irradiated to death.

Society : Ger'tal are found in clumps- that is in groups that have no intraction between members. They feed on anything living or dead on or near the water.