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STR 3d4+4 INT 2d6+2

DEX 3d4+5 WIL 2d4+2

CON 3d4+4 PER d6+3

dur as CON AC 15+/14/7/3

Mov walk 2 swim 25 # act 3

RS G/2


weapon as weapon

Defenses armor d6 (LI), d2 (HI), d3 (En)

variable defenses

immune to cold

+2 vs grasping attacks due to slimy skin

Free Broad Skills

Movement, Stamina, Survival, Acrobatics, Knowledge, Awareness

Mutations/powers: gills, new body part (tail), they lose 1 point of CON per round out of water, infravision

Desc : Ganymen were developed to colonize Ganymede, the ice covered moon of Jupiter. Not all were sent there and those who were stranded on Earth now live in the arctic waters. They look like human/eel hybrids. They are long and slender, with a "scaly, leathery, slightly bioluminescent skin, usually with a grey or black pattern." They do have arms and legs with webbed digits. They gills are on the back of the neck and are just forward of a "fringelike fin [that] runs from the nap of its neck to the end of its tail."

Cmbt : Ganymen are almost pacifists, killing only when necessary. In combat, they will use tools as makeshift weapons.

Hab : Ganymen live in the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean.

Soc : Ganyman society is led by the women in an elected council called the School. They are "religious and introspective. Their religion and culture revolve around the kelp and fish farms they manage."

Biome Arctic Ocean

Encounter chance unlikely

Group size d4-3d10

Org Family, Community

Niche top level omnivore

IQ sentient

Converted from No Humans Allowed (XXVc game)