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Flying Turtles

STR 20 (2d4+15) INT 14 (2d4+9)

DEX 10 (d4+8) WIL 13 (2d6+6)

CON 18 (2d4+13) PER 12 (2d6+5)

dur as CON x1.5 Action Check : 13+/12/6/3

Mov : Walk 4 , Swim 30, Fly 40 # act. 3

RS : Marginal/1


Flipper Slap 10/5/2 d6s/d8+1s/d10+2s LI/G (only used in extreme situations!)


Good Toughness

+4 resistance modifier vs. melee attacks

-2 resistance modifier vs. ranged attacks

Armored Shell d12 (LI), d10 (HI), d12 (En)

Hide outside of Shell d8 (LI), d6 (HI), d8 (En)

Free Broad Skills

Movement, Acrobatics, Knowledge, Stamina, Awareness, Interaction

Mutations/ Racial abilities: Telekinetic Flight (as mutation), Invisibility (as mutation), Breathe Underwater (indefinately), Nightvision, Adaptation, Environment; Cold (as mutation), Unlimited Depth Tolerance.

Many are highly skilled Mindwalkers.

Drawbacks/ Racial Flaws: Code of Honor : while these creatures avoid humans and other races, they cannot sit back and knowingly let an innocent come to harm, were it not for this, the turtles would probably never be encountered.

Fantasy Setting notes: In a magic setting the Flying Turtles would be high level mages, many possessing spells and abilities unknown, or forgotten, by other races.

Desc : Giant, sea turtle with wide, wing-like flippers and a cheerful expression. They are typically gold, bronze or dark red color with light and dark patches.

Size: 20’ long from head to tail.

Weight: 6-8 tons.

Cmbt : These gentle creatures avoid violence, but if necessary will try to subdue/separate opponents rather than to injure or kill them.

Hab : The world’s oceans and seas.

Soc : Flying Turtles are extremely rare creatures of vast power and knowledge. According to some myths, the Flying Turtles led Armageddon’s survivors from the pits of barbarism, and re-taught them the secrets of culture and learning. These rare gentle creatures stay out of the affairs of other races, except during times of great disaster or when some terrible injustice or danger occurs right under their noses.

The last confirmed sighting of these majestic creatures was almost 100 years ago, and placed a pair off of the southeast seaboard near the islands of Greater Fredonia, the pair rescued a merchant ship being sunk by pirates. At the sight of the massive turtles the pirates fled immediately. Sailors around the world occasionally report the sighting of a Flying Turtle, but no known person is known to have spoken to one in well over 200 years. Most sailors and sages believe the turtles live under the sea and prefer to avoid the conflicts of land dwellers.

Biome : Oceans of the World

Encounter chance : These mythical creatures should be encountered VERY rarely and are usually seen alone or with its mate (less than half a dozen are believed to inhabit the world’s oceans).

Group size : 1 or 2

Org : Solitary

IQ : Sentient


Conversion by Brutorz Bill

Converted from Palladium Fantasy RPG ; Monsters & Animals.

Dedicated to Chris Conboy and his fabulous Southeast Seaboard Campaign.


The legendary Orlen traveller, Obb'n'Nobb, has reported encountering the Flying Turtle elder A'Tuin, who told him the world travels through space on the back of his Great Ancestor and namesake. This was during the time Obb'n'Nobb was on the run from the Soul Master Warlord, Morte, after the Orlen made an unkind reference to Morte's centisteed mount, Binky.

======================== separated text by Chris Conboy