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Flesh Hound (The Inevitable Ones)

STR 12 (d4+10) INT 4 (Animal 13 or d4+11)

DEX 11 d4+9) WIL 14 (d4+12)

CON 10 (d4+8) PER 3 (Animal 11 or d4+9)

dur as CON AC 15+/14/7/3

Mov sprint 70, run 40, walk 10 ( jump 10 ) # act 3

RS Good/2


Claws (x2) 13/6/3 d4+1w/d6+1w/d6+2w LI/O

Bite 15/7/3 d6+1w/d8+1w/d4m LI/O

+ Poison (see text)


+2 resistance modifier vs. melee attacks

+2 resistance modifier vs. ranged attacks

Armor : d6+2 (LI), D6+1 (HI), d6-1 (En)


Athletics (12)-jump(14), Unarmed Attack (12)-brawl (14), Stealth (11)-shadow (13 ), Movement (10 )- race(14 ), Stamina (10)- endurance (14), Awareness (14 )- perception (15), Investigate (14 ) -track (20 ), Resolve ( 14 ) -physical resolve (16 )


Poisonous Bite, Dermal Plating.


Environmental Sensitivity, slight :Water (+2 step penalty to all actions and skill checks when operating in water).


The Flesh Hounds are hideous mutant canines, and are some eight feet long from nose to tail. Their lean wiry, frames have an arched back, and are covered in blood red scales. Around their necks is a ruff or collar of spines, connected by an orange-red membrane of taut flesh. This gives the neck added protection (any attacks to the neck suffer a 3 step penalty to hit). Iron-like dermal plating lines their back. Their eyes are a haunting milky white. Their wide mouths are equipped with huge fangs and their two-toed feet end in razor sharp claws.


In addition to it's powerful bite and claw attacks, the bite of the flesh Hound is poisonous. Upon biting it's prey and inflicting ,at least, one wound point of damage. The victim must make a Con. feat check vs. an insinuative hemotoxin poison (onset time 10 minutes, attack duration 4 hours). Some older hounds have mutated further gaining maul-like tails or even poison stingers in certain rare specimens.


Across the wastes , packs of these terrifying creatures chase after their prey, endlessly pursuing their chosen victim(s). One drawback the beasts have, that certain villages have turned to their advantage, is that Flesh Hounds have an aversion to large bodies of water, they even suffer penalties when in water. These villages have surrounded themselves with moats to deter the beasts from over-running their humble communities. This knowledge does true wastelanders little good, since water is a scarce commodity in most areas of the wastes. Certain sages have speculated that these beasts are not natural mutations, but are creatures genetically engineered by the ancients during the Social Wars. A fact that gives this some credibility is that certain groups of the Red Death have learned to "tame" these beasts for their own violent purposes. Note it takes a certain insane individual (even by Red Death standards) to work with the beasts, and even then the handler cannot "control" more than two of the beasts (a mated pair) at a time. The handler and beasts are bonded at a very early age, and even then many a handler has been eaten alive by his "tame" hounds. The beasts will only respond to a P.S.H. or human appearing handler, mutant animals and mutant humans are generally viewed as food (unless a handler is present) , intelligent plants are usually ignored (unless they fight back or interefere with a hunt). Few things are more terrifying than the flesh hounds on the hunt, certain wastelanders have termed this The Chaos Hunt.

Biome Wastelands

Encounter chance Slim

Group size 1-2 or 3-12

Org pack

Niche Large carnivore

IQ High-order animal

Converted from Games Workshop's Warhammer FRP game.

Conversion by Brutorz Bill

go to the following URL for a picture of some Flesh Hounds :