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Flatworm (Toe biter)

STR d3+4 INT d6+2

DEX d3+10 WIL d8+3

CON d4+2 PER 1 (an. d4+10)

dur as CON AC 15+/14/7/3

Mov walk 1 swim 4 # act. 2

RS G/2


Bite 12/6/3 d6s/d3w/d6+2w (LI/O)

plus sever toes on A result

Defenses armor d3 (LI), 0 (HI), d2-1 (En)

+3 vs melee

+3 vs ranged

Skills Acrobatics- dodge 4; Stealth- hide 10, sneak 6; Movement- swim 3;Stamina-endurance 3; Tactics- pack 6; Awareness- perception 5;Investigate-track 3; Resolve- physical 3

Desc These primative worms have become the lions of streams in northeast Meriga. They are only .5 m long, but their pack approach to hunting and sharp "tongues" make them a much feared animal.

Cmbt Toe biters attack as a group, attempting to overpower prey by shear numbers. They tear off chunks of meat and wander away to swallow them. If the person is still standing, and amazing hit have a 35% chance of removing 1-3 toes (if applicable). A dex feat check (at -2 steps) must be made to see if the victim is still standing. If he or she survives, the victims dex score is reduced by 1-2 for 3-6 months while he or she is learning to walk again.

Hab/Soc Flatworms constantly scour their territory looking for fish and other prey. They have a similar society to lions, but they do not slow with age and so new comer males must deal with large powerful pride


Biome fast freshwater streams

Encounter chance unlikely

Group size 5-20

Org pride

Niche high level carnivore

IQ subsentient