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Fen (fish-man)

STR d8+4 INT 2d6+2

DEX d4+3 WIL 2d6+2

CON 2d4+2 PER 2d4+2

dur as CON AC 8+/7/3/1

Mov. swim 4 walk 3 fly 15 #act. 1

RS O/1


Bite 8/4/2 d3w/d4w/d6w (LI/O)

Claws 6/3/1 d3s/d6s/d2w (LI/O)

Tail slap 6/3/1 d6+2s/d4+1w/d6w (LI/O)

Defenses armor as worn armor

0 vs melee

-1 vs ranged

var vs encounter skills (int and wil)


free broad skills: Athletics, Unarmed Attack, Stamina, Knowledge,

Awareness, Interaction

Mutations/powers: Shapechange (bird only)

Notes- as per 4th ed. fen. I decided to give them skills like PCs because they could be used as PCs and they should be all different, being intelligent.

Biome any water and coastal (2 species)

Encounter chance slim

Group size d10

Org Lyceum

Niche top level omnivore

IQ sentient

Converted from Gamma World 4th ed.