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Drugar (hairy runners)

STR d6+12 INT 3 (an. d4+6)

DEX d8+10 WIL d6+8

CON d6+3 PER 2 (d4+3)

dur as CON AC 17+/16/8/4

Mov sprint 65 run 30 walk 14 # act. 3

RS G/2


Grasp 14/7/3 d4s/d6s/d6+2s (LI/O)

Bite 12/6/3 d4w/d6+2w/d6+4w (LI/O)

Poison as standard paralytic poison

Defenses armor d6 (LI), d4 (HI), d3 (En)

+1 vs melee

+3 vs ranged


Athletics; Stealth- hide 10, sneak 12, Movement- race 6; Stamina-endurance 4, Tactics- pack 4; Awareness- perception 6

Mutations/powers: Heightened senses (sight and hearing), diminished sense (smell), heightened speed

Desc These decendents of wolf spiders have evolved to dwell on the grasslands. They have long running legs, brown striping (for camo), and "feet" that can grasp prey.

Cmbt Drugar hunt in packs. They hide in the long grass until prey comes within 10-15 meters. Then the pack runs down the prey and bring it down with their weight (each spider adds its weight to the prey's encumbrance when it grasps the prey). They are generally fearless and will only back down if 75% of their number are killed.

Hab/Soc: Drugar live in the northern sections of the plains- they have an antifreeze in their blood that allows them to function in the winter. Their territory does have some overlap with the rapide, and there both aggressively try to drive the other out. The drugar pack is not like a wolf pack, but more like a lion pride- being mostly females with a few males.

Biome northern grasslands

Encounter chance slim

Group size 2d4

Org pack

Niche medium level carnivore

IQ high order animal