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Drugan (hairy jumpers)

STR d6+8 INT 3 (an. d4+6)

DEX d8+10 WIL d6+8

CON d6+3 PER 2 (an. d4+3)

dur as CON AC 17+/16/8/4

Mov walk 14 glide 9 # act. 3

RS G/3


Bite 10/5/2 d3w/d4+1w/d6w (LI/O)

plus poison (paralytic)

Web spray 18/9/4 see below

Defenses armor d6+2 (LI), d4+2 (HI), d3 (En)

+2 vs melee

+4 vs ranged


Acrobatics- fall 2, dodge 4; Athletics; Stealth- hide 12, sneak 10;

Stamina- endurance 4; Awareness- perception 6

Desc Drugan are a dangerous giant jumping spider species. They are normally brown with black markings, but they can alter their coloration similar to an octopus (thus the high stealth score).

Cmbt Drugan live in old growth forests and hunt by leaping down from the trees. They use a bite an attempt to paralyse the prey quickly (a -2 step CON feat cheak to resist- A-G means no affect, O means slowed to 1/4 for 2-5 hours, F means paralyzation for 2-5 days , CF means death in 10-30 minutes). If that fails, they attack with webs (a +1 DEX feat check to evade- A-O means webs failed to affect targets, F means a STR feat check (at -3) to escape in d4 phases, failure means immobilization for 3-6 rounds; CF means total immobilization and the target can only escape with outside help).

Hab/Soc Drugan live in forests with large trees and use the largest as larders. The prey is kept at least 15 m above the ground. They hunt in small groups to help with moving prey.

Biome old growth forest

Encounter chance slim

Groups size 3-12

Org pack

Niche top level carnivore

IQ high level animal