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Delph (Dolphin man)

STR 3d4+4 INT 2d6+2

DEX 2d6+4 WIL 2d6+4

CON 2d6+2 PER 3d4+4

dur as CON AC 14+/13/6/3

Mov walk 2 swim 18 # act. 2

RS O/1


Bite variable d3s/d4+1s/d4+2s +STR bonuses (LI/O)

Weapon as weapon

Defenses armor d4 (LI), none (HI), d3-1 (En)

variable defenses

Free Broad Skills

Acrobatics, Movement, Stamina, Knowledge, Awareness, Interaction

Mutations/powers: able to stay underwater for 2 hours, If out of water for 8 hours a delph loses 1 point of STR, DEX, and CON and 1 point of each for every hour thereafter, sonar

Desc: Delphs were an experiment in developing humans that tend to the earth's oceans. They were a mixture of man, seal and dolphin. They are 2-2.5 meters tall, have a blue-grey blubbery skin, and are 80-160 kg in weight. Males are hairless, while females have a long ponytail that the children hang on to while the female swims. Their legs can be twisted 90 degrees- this allows them to be used as a tail for swimming.

Cmbt: Delphs are a peaceful race, but can defend themselves if necessary. They are proficient in many of the typical undersea weapons- spears, nets, tridents, etc and some use artifact weapons as well. If cornered

without a weapon, a delph can also use its large canines for defense.

Hab: Delphs are found all over the planets on continental shelves.

Soc : Delphs gained the playfulness of the dolphin and the social structure of humans- that of an extended family. They are not initially distrustfully of strangers, but are smart enough to see if the strangers are a danger.

Biome: continental shelf

Encounter chance: possible

Group size: 2d6

Org: extended family

Niche: top level omnivore

IQ: sentient

Converted from No Humans Allowed (XXVc game)

Conversion by Derek