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STR 5-12 INT 5-14

DEX 7-15 WIL 4-12

CON 8-14 PER 4-12

dur as CON Action Check : 13+/12/6/3

Mov : Walk 4, Run 12 , Sprint 20 # act. 2

RS Ordinary/1


Weapon as weapon

Throwing Wedge (treat as a Shuriken but add +2 to damage if used in hand to hand melee).


variable defenses

Free Broad Skills

Athletics, Stealth, Stamina, Knowledge, Awareness, Interaction

Racial abilities:

Infra-vision (ignore any penalties that apply in situations of low illumination or total darkness -

provided there are objects producing variant radiant heat in the area). Poison Resistance (Darklings

gain a –2 step bonus to Constitution feats caused by poison and radiation). Hide In Natural

Settings: Due to their dark fur, Darklings receives a 2 step bonus to all Stealth - hide rolls used while

in the shadows. Bonus is reduced to a 1step bonus if armor or clothing are worn. Throwing Bonus

(Darklings gain a –1 bonus when using Athletic-throw. If a Darkling doesn’t possess this skill, he

receives the bonus to an untrained check).

Drawbacks/ Racial Flaws: Racial Infamy (reputation as thieves and spies, +2 penalty to all personality checks),

Desc : The Darklings are an intelligent race of small (3’-4’ tall) humanoids, covered in short black fur and large pointed ears. They are renowned for their abilities as sneak-thieves and spies.

Hab : Tropical, Sub-tropical & Temperate/ Forests & Jungles, (wanderers can be found anywhere).

Soc : Darklings have an innate curiosity about the world around them, it is this innate curiosity that caused many of them to leave their forested homelands and travel the world. They are intrigued by locked doors and secret places, believing something worth hiding away is worth finding out. It is this curiosity that has led civilized peoples to brand the Darklings as troublesome enemies of society. This is not entirely fair, however, Darklings while being curious, are not inherently evil or malicious creatures, though some truly nasty ones do exist. Most are more curious than dangerous. In fact it was a Darkling Rogue and his Mousling Dirtmage companion that helped turn the tide during the Infamous Manson Wars. A Gnome got most of the credit, but that was due more to prejudice than anything else. Darklings have perfected a unique bladed weapon called the Throwing Wedge. This weapon can be used as a missle weapon (popular from shadows) or as a melee hand to hand weapon.

Biome : Tropical to Temperate Forests and Jungles.

Encounter chance : Slim

Group size : 1-20

Org : Tribal

Niche: Top level omnivore

IQ : Sentient


Based on an idea in Dragon Magazine. Some time ago I came across a Dragon article (I don’t recall which one) that mentioned an alternative race to the Kender. They proposed a race known as the Darklings, furry critters that had a skill with a throwing wedge-like weapon, and a mindset similar to that of the kender. The above race is based on the original AD&D version, that I made up for my AD&D Campaign. I thought someone might find them useful in Alternity.

Critter Development/Conversion by Brutorz Bill