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Cow Lion (immature)

STR d4+10 INT d3+5

DEX d2+4 WIL d4+6

CON d3+12 PER d3+3

Dur as CON AC 15+/14/7/4

Move walk 4 jump 6 # of act 1

RS G/1


Bite 16/8/4 d6+4s/d4w/d8w LI/O

Shake 18/6/2

d3w/d6w/d10w LI/O

Drain 18+/17/9/5 d2w/d6w/d8w/d4m ??


+1 vs melee (+4 in burrow)

-1 vs rngd (+2 in burrow)


d4+2 (LI), d4 (HI), d3-1 (E)


Athletics [12], Resolve[8]- physical[12], Awareness[8]


Freq VR Org solitary

Act Cyc any Diet Blood

TECH 0 Art none or incidental

Cl/Terr any warm land

Desc : These giant ant lions are infamous for feeding on dumb livestock. They have a cylindrical, 6 meter long body with 6 small weak legs. Their head supports 2 #huge# daggerlike maxillae. These are used to pierce, hold, and drain prey (they are hollow).

Cmbt : Cow lions hide just under the surface, waiting for prey (but they rarely go deep enough to hide themselves). When something comes along, the 'lion jumps forward to attack (THAC +8). It then shakes the prey to subdue it (doing 3d4 + bite damage). After the prey stops struggling, the lion then drains it of blood (1 con pt/rnd). After feeding, the 'lion moves that night.

Soc: Cow lions are dragonfly-like insects (long, knobed antennae identify these). They are quite solitary. They hunt everything, but plants. Even large creatures are not safe (and if the 'lion lands its bite right, the

victim can't even bite back!).