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Colour from outer space

STR d6+3 INT d6+9

DEX 2d6+12 WIL d8+10

CON 6d4+6 PER d6+3

dur as CON AC 23+/22/11/5

Mov fly 40 # act 4

RS A/4


Feeding Attack 16/8/4 d3w/d6w/d8w (En/O)

Mental Blast as mutation

Disintegrate 20/10/5 d8+2w/d12+2w/d6m (En/G)

Grasp 14/7/3 d3s/d6s/d6+2s (LI/O)

Defenses armor 3d4+2 (En)

0 vs melee

+2 vs ranged

immune to LI and HI attacks


Athletics; Acrobatics- flight 6; Manipulation; Stealth- hide 10;

Survival; Knowledge; Life science- genetics 4; Navigation- space 4,

surface 3; Physical science- astronomy 6, chemistry 2, physics 3,

planetology 3; Awareness- intution 3, perception 8; Creativity;

Investigate; Resolve- mental 8; Deception; Interaction.

Mutations/powers: mental blast, disintegration, materialize form,

immaterial form, interstellar travel, and many unknown

Desc : Colours are aliens being from interstellar space. They appear as very faint blobs of colour and brighten slightly only when feeding.

Cmbt : Colours have several means to attack at their disposal. They can use a mental blast is disable targets, they can disintegrate targets (it uses a fixed amount of energy each time and thus may no be able to destroy the target with one try), they can feed on the life force of the target (this works with all life), and it solidify a portion of itself to physically grasp a target. Only powerful energy weapons can affect them, and usually they are not enough to kill one in time.

Hab Colours are found everywhere on Earth.

Soc Colours are the immature form of a powerful energy-based species. The only known adult on Earth is called the Red Death. All the current colours (of which there is only 24) are its offspring. If one is about to become an adult, the parent kills it outright. They do not interact and seem only to exist to feed on the inhabitants of the planet. As they do not need to feed often (once per year it must consume the life force of

one large organism- usually a tree or large fungus as they mass much more than an animal) and are secretive, they are rarely encountered by those around them. They lair underground and old mines where they are found are usually devoid of life as they feed on the inhabitants (this is usually unseen by the nearby civilization).

The Red Death acts much differently from its offspring. It seems to be attempting to subjugate all intelligent life. It almost had humanity in is grasp and then the Cataclysm broke it power for a while. It is now using its powers of genetic modification to produce its workers in it grand scheme.

Colour from outer space converted from Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium

Red Death converted from Mask Of the Red Death by TSR