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Chewer (Great rat)

STR d4+3 INT 2 (an. d4+3)

DEX d6+5 WIL d4+2

CON d4+2 PER 3 (an. 2d4+2)

dur as CON AC 12+/11/5/2

Mov sprint 22 run 14 walk 4 # act. 2

RS O/2

Mutations: radiation tolerance, electric aura

Defects: severe phobia (fire)


Bite 10/5/2 d3s/d4+2s/d2w (LI/O)

Defenses armor d3 (LI), 0 (HI), 0 (En)

+1 vs melee

+2 vs ranged

immune to electric attacks


Athletics- climb 2; Acrobatics- dodge 3; Stealth- hide 3, sneak 2; Stamina; Survival; Tactics- pack 3; Awareness- perception 2.

Desc Chewers are cousins to squeekers (king rats). In fact they are identical in all manners except their way of combat. Great rats use shocks, king rats use squeals (sonic blast).

Cmbt Chewers surround their target and try to overwhelm it with numbers. Since they are immune to each other's electric shock, they will use it with great efficiency. If fire is used against them, the will flee.

Hab Great rats prefer forests and plains, but some are found in ruins (there is a large number in Settle and Blue). King rats and great rats tend to avoid each other (as they are not immune to the others power).

Soc Chewers live in a pack like dogs (ie a group of pairs within a hierarchy)

Biome any land

Encounter chance possible

Group size 2d8

Org pack

Niche medium level scavenger

IQ High order animal