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Che'tal (greater bloodwing)

STR d6+3 INT 2 (an. d4)

DEX d8+2 WIL d4+2

CON d6+3 PER 1 (an. d6+2)

dur as CON AC 17+/16/8/4

Mov walk 3 fly 13 # act 2

RS G/2


Bite 12/6/3 d6s/d3w/d4+1w (LI/O)

Blood drain automatic d2w/phase

Defenses armor d6-1 (LI), d6-2 (HI), d6-4 (En)

+1 vs melee

+2 vs ranged


Acrobatics- dodge, flight 4; Awareness- perception 6; Investigate- track


Mutations/powers Sonic roar, sonar, confusion, sensitivity to bright

light, heightened sense (smell), infravision

Desc : These giant horseflies are infamous for their predation on outlying hamlets and farms at night. They have yellow eyes, dark markings on their wings, and light brown striping on a dark brown body. Some varieties hunt horses exclusively, and they are called horseflies. All tend to be 1.5 m long as adults.

Cmbt : Che'tal hunt prey by using sonar, odor detection, and heat sensing organs. When prey is found,a che'tal attacks with a "bite", attempting to insert its hypopharynx- the mouth part it drains blood with. Any G or A attack means the che'tal has inserted it into a blood vessel and automaticly drains blood until it is driven off or consumes a number of wound points equal to its CON. Only after losing 75% of its stun and/or wound points will a che'tal fly to find easier prey.

Hab/Soc : Che'tal now need to breed in freshwater- preferably stagnate, but any slow moving water will do. Thus, most will be found within 75 km of such a body of water. They do hunt in swarms, but will turn on each other when times turn lean.

Biome : fresh water wetlands and lakes

Encounter chance : unlikely

Group size : d10

Org : swarm

Niche: top level hemovore

IQ : low level animal