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Brutorz Bill's Bestiary

Herein you will find a collection of various creatures found throughout Meriga and the World, including even a few "other" worlds. I have set up my Alternity Bestiary so that many of the creatures found therein can be used in a Post-Apocalyptic setting, as well as, a "traditional" Alternity Campaign. While many of the creatures don't have mutations, I still feel that they can be used in a Gamma World Campaign. In doing my conversions I relied heavily upon examples in the Alternity GM Guide, as well as, Alien Compendium I. Also of great value was the AD&D to Alternity Conversion rules presented in Dragon #262. Any questions or comments please feel free to e-mail me.


Ape, Carnivorous : Uh-oh looks like you are on it's dinner menu.
Arachnin : Slim humanoids, with a spidery legacy.
Blood Hawk : Swooping from the sky to tear into the unwary.
BloodHound : Sniffers
Bounder : When a herd is headed towards you, trouble can't be far behind them.
Darklings : And you thought Kenders were a pain.
Depthine : Caretakers of the deepest depths.
Duck : My favorite Runequest race, done up Alternity style.
Fire Bat : Heating up a cave near you.
FleshHound : Beware the Chaos Hunt.
Flying Turtle : Gentle creatures of vast power and knowledge.
Giant Kang : Hopping mad and hungry.
Gorn : We destroyed invaders as I shall destroy you.
Grippli : "Ribbett"
Gummy Bears : Bring on the Juice.
Jaka : A Talislanta Favorite.
Jonah : Made to swallow.
Killer Bees : BZZZZ.
Krayt Dragon : The Desert has many Dangers...
Marsh Wiggle : Swampy Folk.
Moss Men : My first Alternity creation.
PrimeApe : Poke-Hell.
Qullan : Savage Swordsmen.
Sailor's Pups : A Seaman's Best Friend.
Sea Kral : Oceanic Primate Raiders.
Serpis : Beware the serpents hypnotic scales.
Sniffers : Mule Rat.
Squirrels, Carnivorous Flying : It ain't nuts he's after.
Statless Critters : An assortment of statless critter/plants etc.
Stench Kow : If the horns don't get ya the smell will.
Tasloi : Cat-eyed Monkey men.
Volraathi : Red-Skinned Janissaries.
Vulture Lion : Fearsome Beasts from the Pit of Limbo itself.
Webbird What a tangled web the webbird weaves.