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Blood Sucker

STR d4+4 INT 1 (an. 2d4)

DEX d6+5 WIL d4+2

CON d6+4 PER 1 (an. d4)

dur as CON AC 9+/8/4/2

Mov walk 2 swim 8 # act. 2

RS O/1


Bite 10/5/2 d2s/d2w/d4w (LI/O)

Blood Drain automatic d3w/phase

Defenses armor d3-1 (LI/O), 0 (HI), d6+1 (EN)

+1 vs melee

+1 vs ranged

Resistant to fire (-2 points of damage/die)

Skills Awareness- perception 4; Resolve- physical 3

Desc : Blood suckers are giant leaches. Unlike most segmented worms, they are flattened and have a row of greenish yellow spots on their dorsal side (top). The feeding tube is held inside the head and has a razor

sharp edge.

Cmbt : Blood suckers hunt by sensing heat so occasionally live metal is attacked and most plants are not. A hit that does wound damage means the feeding tube has been inserted into a blood vessel. It then drains blood until it consumes d6+4 wound points. The slime coat makes them difficult to hurt with fire and any attempts to grasp them are at a 3 step penalty.

Hab/Soc : Blood suckers live in stagnate water .75-3 m deep. They may attack en masse, but they are not coperative and may even resort to cannibalism in times of hunger. They also consume smaller invertebrates

when blood is not available.

Biome : stagnate water

Encounter chance : probable

Group size : 3d6

Org : swarm

Niche : hemovore/medium level carnivore

IQ : low order animal