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Str: 6 (d4+3) Int: 2

Dex: 15 (d6+12) WIL: 11 (d4+9) No. Appearing: 4-15(d12+3)

Con : 5 (d4+3) PER: 2 Action check: 15+/ 14/7/3

Move: walk 1O, fly 6O Actions:3

Reaction Score: Good/2


Talons 12/6/3 d4s-1/ d4s/ d4w LI/O

Beak 1O/5/2 d4s/d4w/d4+1w LI/O


+3 Resistance mod. vs. ranged attacks.

Armor: d4-2(LI), None (HI), d4-2 (EN).




-physical resolve(12).

Blood Hawks resemble normal hawks in size alone, as their beaks are razor sharp and their talons are unusually strong. Their wings are similar to those of an eagle, giving them considerable speed in flight. They attack with their beaks and two sets of talons, swooping silently onto their victims (gaining a -1 bonus to its initial Stealth skill check and its first attack). Blood hawks are fond of human flesh and will continue to attack humans even when the melee is going against them. They will pick at the dead bodies of their prey, not only for food but also for "shiney baubles" with which they line their nests as an allurement to blood hawk females. In color the blood hawk is a uniform grey.

Converted from TSR's Fiend Folio manual. No copyright infringement intended.

Conversion done by Brutorz Bill.