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My Wheel of Time Story

There was a Male Channeler, and he is the Koala Reborn, which is the Male Channeler prophesized to come and save the world from the Dragon Reborn. His name was Puel al‘Hinan. Since he was a Male Channeler, the Aes Sedai and Gaidin hated him. They were always chasing him, and there were some very close calls. This is one of those close calls. Puel was wondering along the Caemlyn road when the Amyrlin Seat, which is the head and most powerful of the Aes Sedai, jumped out from behind a bush. Puel quickly wove a shielding on Ween, the Amyrlin seat, and ran away, for he knew, her being the Amyrlin and all, it would not last long.

He was heading for Caemlyn, trying to get inside it’s walls where Queen Jeny’s amnesty for Male Channelers would protect him from the might of Ween. Out from the side of the road jumped one of the Gaidin, which are the protectors of the Aes Sedai, and the most skillful swordsmen there have ever been. Puel wove a basket of air and wrapped it around the Gaidin, tying his hands to his sides. As he looked closer at the Gaidin, he noticed the special symbol on his breastplate. It was Ween’s Gaidin, Almiin, the best of them all, and trained in the ways of dissolving weaves. Puel got up and ran.

He wove a horse out of air, and jumped upon it. He rode as fast he could to Caemlyn. He saw some dust on the horizon, and knew some horses were coming. He reined in his horse and wove a sword out of Fire, for he knew that this would be Gaidin reinforcements. When the Gaidin came in sight, he changed his mind and released his Flame Sword weave. He wove a lance of Flame. He set it at rest and galloped his air horse as fast as it would go straight at the Gaidin! But, being Gaidin, they showed no fear. In the last instant, the Gaidin moved his horse to the left and Puel missed. But it was not that much of a loss, for Puel’s spear went straight into the Gaidin behind him, and also out the back.

Puel turned around and released his lance weave in the same instant he wove a sword of flame in his other hand, for he was ambidextrous. He slashed the blade across the Gaidin’s throat and turned around to see two more charging at him. He released his horse weave and landed nimbly on his feet. He released his sword weave and wove a staff of air and water, which game him an ice staff. He swung it at the closer of the two approaching Gaidin and the Gaidin turned to ice instantly. Puel turned around at swung his stave at the other Gaidin, but he ducked at the last instant at brought his sword dangerously close to Puel’s stomach. Puel was about to thwack him on the head with his staff when he heard a noise behind him. He whirled around and held his staff in front of his face, and saw Ween’s own Gaidin walking towards him, his face red with anger. Puel lightly slammed his staff into the Gaidin’s chest behind him, and faced Almiin.

He dissolved his staff weave and weaved two swords of fire, one in each hand. Puel crouched down into a fighting stance and prepared to face the best Gaidin in the history of the White Tower. Almiin walked warily towards Puel, but Puel just stood there, blades at the ready. Almiin rushed at Puel, but Puel just sidestepped and slammed the hilt of his sword into the back of Almiin’s head. There was a distinct crack that broke the still night air.

Almiin stumbled for a second, but than recovered. This time Almiin was much more careful when he advanced towards Puel. Puel lunged at Almiin, but at the last moment dropped and rolled. He stuck out his sword and cut at Almiin’s feet, than recovered and jumped back to his feet, now behind Almiin. He lunged at Almiin and tried to drive one of his blades into Almiin’s back, but Almiin spun around, parried and drove his sword into Puel’s left arm.

Puel screamed and dropped his left blade, but he still had his right and that hand was unharmed. Puel again tried to feint-roll-slash technique, but it did not work this time, and Puel just narrowly missed having Almiin’s sword a permanent decoration in his back. Puel again recovered to his feet, but now he knew he would lose unless he finished it quickly, for he was tiring fast, and Almiin had not yet even broken a sweat. Puel again did a feint-roll-slash, but he knew it would not work. It was just to trick the Gaidin.

He again recovered, and again lunged at the Gaidin. But this time Puel did not roll and slash. This time he actually did lunge and his sword severed the Gaidin’s sword arm completely off. The Gaidin could now do nothing. Puel weaved another horse of air, and off he set for Caemlyn, untroubled by thoughts of Gaidin, the Amyrlin Seat, and the White Tower.