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A new version of the frogs budsplat.wav
'I can't believe they chose the frogs' lizards Budlizrd.wav
more lizard clips Budlizrd2.wav
more lizard clips Budlizrd3.wav
more lizard clips Budlizrd5.wav
'How's your bud ice?' funny clip doobie doo! budice.wav
Funny clinton1.wav
Clinton wants money from you! LOL clinton2.wav
Jack in the Box spoof! roflmao jackin.wav
Jack 'I eat breakfast ....' from A Few Good Men Brekfast.wav
funny clip 'got into an agruement with my rice krispies Breakfst.wav
Folgers with a twist.... coffesex.wav
David Letterman's 'your spouse is having an affair on the net' 10net.wav
Dennis Leary on the 'web' web.wav
Jeff Foxworthy clip aollove.wav

2ofus.wav song from Austin Powers sequel 'Just the 2 of us' sung by Dr. Evil
not a good car dale3car.wav
dale3car the whole song roflmao mycar.wav
song spoof macerena tune
adult content - to the tune of macerena
catfood.wav if wonder about chinese food? funny song
'we are microsoft resistence is futile' ms.wav
'i just ran over my poor dog rover with a power lawn mover'

if i could get dug up.... lol Elvis.wav
funny clip - ebola song ebola.wav
song spoof funny!
'a check? hell yeah i can write you a check! jeff foxworthy wrtchk.wav
somebody done been to the walmart - jeff foxworthy walmart.wav
funny 'he's the man!' this may only be partial mansong.wav
song spoof 'all the girls look good after 9 coronas' 9corona.wav
star trek 12 so very tired trekkie.wav

homer simpson 'if you don't like your job.......' amerway.wav
funny Batman wav aolbatmn.wav
'american online' lol
ever talked to tech support??
the function you requested is not available
those cows could kill don't put 'em on the grill madcows.wav
alert spoof - 'you are addicted' addicted.wav
you are too addicted aretoo.wav
achy breaky spoof achy.wav
clip from liar liar 'changed lanes while speeding' liarcop.wav


movie clip from 'aladdin' lamp peddler aladdin1.wav
movie clip from 'aladdin' genie aladdin2.wav
movie clip 'i am buzz light year'
movie clip 'buzz light year to star command'
song 'zero to hero' from hercules
take this job and shove it jpshove.wav
song 'run around sue' beginning verse runarsue.wav
song clip 'run around sue' runrdsue.wav

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Dido 'Thank You' didothanku.wav
Destiny's Child 'Survivor' dcsurvivor.wav
Christina Aguilera 'Genie in a bottle' genieinabotl.wav
Brittney Spears 'Sometimes' sometimes.wav
Brittney Spears 'Oops I did it Again' oopsagain.wav
Brittney Spears '(You drive me) Crazy' udrivemecrazy.wav
Brittney Spears 'One more time' 1moreX.wav
Smashmouth 'Allstar' allstar.wav and
Smashmouth 'Can't get enough of you baby' cantgetenough.wav
Janet Jackson 'Black Cat'
Def Leppard 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' poursugar.wav
Van morrison 'brown eyed girl' brnigrl.wav
Alabama 'Dixieland Delight'
Sixpence None the Richer 'Kiss Me'
TLC 'No Scrubs' noscrubs.wav
Celine Dion 'That's The Way It Is' thewayitis.wav
'It's Still Rock n Roll to Me' Billy Joel
heresign.wav 'Here's Your Sign (I Just Hate Stupid People)' Bill Engvall

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