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www-hick.wav 'that dang internet man you just point and click, it's easy man'
'speed it the hell up!' boomhr01.wav
'that boy ain't right' boy.wav
cheese.wav 'some green hair freak told him to put cheese on my guitar'
chinesej.wav 'so are you chinese or japanese?'
khahoh.wav 'ohhhh'
khcalback.wav 'i'm gonna have to call ya back'
khcomeon.wav 'come on get a move on'
khdale.wav 'it was not done by me it was done thru me'
khears.wav 'was he bleeding from the ears?'
khfball.wav 'i'm a big football fan'
khfeisty.wav 'whewy feisty'
khfriend.wav bobby
khgood4u.wav 'good for you' 'can i put a gun rack on my bike?' pcm format
khkickas.wav 'i'm going to kick your ass'
khkiller.wav 'how you know my name crane killer? i've never met any of you people' pcm format

khknock.wav 'aren't you supposed to knock first?'
khknowu.wav 'i don't know you do i?'
khlikin.wav 'don't sass me boy'
khmomwhip.wav 'your mom smells like mircle whip'
adpcm format khmyboy.wav 'that's my boy'
adpcm format condom dispenser
khnopoop.wav 'if i never poop again that's just who i am'
khogod.wav 'oh god!'
adpcm format khok.wav 'ok'
adpcm format khpay4.wav 'that's something ya pay money for'
khquick.wav 'i need to get on the nintendo quick'
khroost.wav 'outta my way rooster boy'
adpcm format 'seinfield'
khsowhat.wav 'so what?'
khstern.wav 'who the hell is that? howard stern?'

khswing.wav 'swing less like a girl' pcm format
khtellwt.wav 'i'll tell ya what' adpcm format
khtheme.wav 'theme'
khwemantah.wav 'wemantah'
khwhat.wav 'what in the hell!'
khwhatis.wav 'what the hell is that?'
khwoke.wav 'i just woke up' adpcm format
khworried.wav 'i'm a little worried about being a slut'
khwrongall.wav 'what the hell is wrong with you all?' adpcm format
koth8.wav double standard

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