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I wrote this following up "Mary". It talks about how I'm scared to tell Mary how I feel about her and how I am scared that if anything comes out of our friendship it may not workout and that the next time I see her online I'm gonna confess my long-lasting crush.

Until Next Time
I think to myself what if we ever get together
I continue to think to myself and debate whether
Or not I could mesh with your friends
Cause I am a kid that tends
To stay at home and not go out
Not drink, do drugs, so I begin to doubt
Whether or not we could become more than friends
But the outstanding times weíve had together then sends
A message down my spine and up into my brain
That tingly feeling of love that drives people insane
I wish I could stop writing to myself and tell it to your face
But two years have passed so my heart will begin to race
So I walk by you with a friendly smile
Thinking to myself I wish I could just dial
Your number and say all these things that Iíve kept inside
But this would cause too much awkwardness and feel as though I died
I wish I could be alone with you and discuss all that I have said
And see how you feel, so that I can sleep easily in my bed
The closest I come to this is when you sign online
Itís just me and you, all alone so you can become mine
I usually make casual talk about school and stuff
But the next time youíre on Iíll tell you cause Iíve had enough
Just stay on for 10 minutes and talk to me so I can
Gain the courage and tell you these things and become a man
I wish I could do this right now to see how you react
And finally get to see what you think of me as a fact

-- Vincent Panetta -- I wrote this from 11:46-12:21 AM EST May 19th/20th, 2004