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I wrote this after feeling frustrated with an online relationship. And the friend I was talking about it had to sign off unexpectedly so in order to sleep I had to write it all out... and this is the result.

Online Tease
I wish I could dream of you on command
Satisfying my fantasies and all my demands
Rather than just laying down with my imagination
Letting the dream happen to me without complication
And seeing a more vivid image that lies in my head
The thoughts that I think every night before going to bed
Your face, your body, the words you have said to me
The love, the feeling, and your great personality
I think of you all night and day
Most the time not in the same way
Sometimes I do just cause the thoughts turn me on
Other times because the fact that you are gone
And me of course, I have nothing better to do
But lay around and think of you

Why must you live over five hours away
These online relationships are really gay
Every time I want a hug or a kiss or just be with you
Reality hits me hard and makes my heart do
One of those feelings that you just canít describe
You donít want to feel while youíre alive
But everyone does at one point or another
That feeling of not being with each other
The feelings make me feel awful inside
And I want to just forget it all but my heart wonít abide
It wonít let me pretend that youíre not there
That you think of me in pink thong underwear
Sometimes I want to just find a girl near by
That sick feeling always makes me ask why?
Why am I putting myself through this all
For a girl I hardly know and a memorable call
Why donít I forget it all and just find a different girl
One who lives near by and doesnít make me want to hurl
Every time I get that feeling that no one likes to get
An unfulfilled yearning that makes you want to spit

And then the thoughts all go away whenever we talk
And I see I will suffer these feelings so I can simpluÖ walk
With you, hug you, kiss you, see you in the flesh
Knowing if we could be together we would instantly mesh
Cause youíre the ideal girl, the one who is for me
But Iíll understand if you just want to see
Someone you met, cause you hate all this online shit
And just be friends and give up on our love and quit

-- Vincent Panetta -- I wrote this from 2:57-3:57 AM EST June 11th, 2004