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Obviously this is the first sonnet I wrote. I wrote it for school in Shakespearean form. I began the poem talking of a girl I have liked for a long time... Mary Catherine... however in sonnets there mst be a turning point... so rather then dwelling on about this girl I'm "in love" with I decided to make it humorous. So i put a twist on it so the last two lines will make it seem like a dog in line 12 where pretty much any reader thinks to themself "WHAT THE FUCK !?" It allows the reader to come to false conclusions that a dog of mine had died however no such thing had happened. I turned this poem into a contest for extra credit and it made it to the "Winner's Circle" I actually don't like it but someone seems to have. I got a paper certificate that says I won 3rd place in formula poems. What the fuck does that do for me?

Sonnet 1
I get tricked by the love thats in my mind.
Making me not know what else to think of.
This obsession will make me become blind
To all except the one that I still love.
Love is just like the first kiss on a date.
To be loved by a girl you loved so long.
This is when the feeling of love is great.
Why did Venus have to make love so strong?
To torture your soul when your love is lost?
Lost love is pain that comes without a trace.
Why must lost love have to be such a cost?
I miss her warm wet tongue upon my face.
Without my dog I simply lost my brain,
Love is so strong it can drive you insane.

-- Vincent Panetta -- I wrote this poem some time late in 2003 for school.