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Reading Kristen'd profile and there was a suicidal type poem written common to teens due to depression.

Seeing Red
Teenager typing slowly word by word
Voicing macabre thoughts to be heard
The poetry written is sad and dreary
Setting the scene of something eerie

Slit your wrists commit suicide
But your hands refuse to abide
The commands you tell them to do
What would the world be without you?
They stay tense holding the knife
That you wish would take your life
Kill yourself and let the blood pour
Life would suck without you for
Those who love you will be in tears
For you let come true their worst fears
Tell us how lifeís not worth living
Suicidal thoughts that you keep giving
To others who are weak and read what you wrote
They pick up a gun and grab a trench coat
Inspiring the weak, with dark diction
And how lifeís so horrible but itís just fiction
Everyone has problems so what
Deal with it instead of a cut
You are no different from any other teen
Even the popular ones, and those who are mean

So stop crying you little fag
And donít kill people like a douche bag

So what youíre a nerd and they make fun of you
Or youíre fat and miserable boo fucking hoo
Lose some weight you fat piece of shit
Instead of eating ice cream just quit
Or accept what you are and let comments go
People wonít care if you go with the flow
All you need to be is the lovable fat guy
Instead of the one whoís known to cry

Oh thatís so sad your boy friend broke up with you
It happens everyday, what else is new?
Awe you thought he was the one?
Yep, that sucks but heís no fun
A guy who ever truly loved you
Would never let himself do
Something that would make you feel
So sad you begin to sob and squeal

Lovers, friends, pricks, bitches
Poor and people with riches
Black, Mexican, Jew
Arab, and white people too
Everyone can get depressed
But each case can be transgressed
So get over your problem get on with life
Or do what you say and pick up the knife

If you can never be happy then fine
Iím tired of your goddamn bitch and whine
Take the knife slit your throat
Attach the famous suicide note
Just quit making us listen to your shit
Cause were all fucken tired of it
If your life sucks itís because of you
Thereís nothing that we can do

Heaven and hell are just a theory
So enjoy your life and be cheery
For itís the only thing man can be certain of
Well thereís that and the possibility of love
Maybe a programmed infatuation in our head
From the so called God who forces us among the dead
Doomed from birth and for all of our existence
Stay on earth with little to no resistance
Cause whatís next may be worse
So enjoy this life of a curse

-- Vincent Panetta -- I wrote this from 4:11-5:31 AM EST May 31st,2004