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I was sitting in my bed about to go to sleep. When i just felt the urge to write about you, cause I think about you constantly even though you would never expect it. And you probably think we're just friends and yet I feel like I am "in love" with you , but I have never even had a girlfriend so whose to say if it's not a first crush hangover. Well I wrote a rhyming poem that turned out to be 14 lines so I guess you can consider it a sonnet. Took me about 10 minutes to write and I couldn't think of a creative title so I'll name it after you, the girl I think I love and has probably never seen this site.

I wish I knew exactly what to write.
A poem for you that just might
Make you feel about me the way I do about you.
That going out is the right thing to do.
If you ever liked me I did not know
I have low self-esteem but itís beginning to grow.
For someone who is as perfect as you
Would never be interested in a fat kid who
Has liked you since the moment weíve met
And hasnít made a move which I've learned to regret.
But I am still waiting too long to tell you that
Iíve loved you so long, but I feel Iím too fat.
And do not deserve someone so great
But Iíd do about anything for just one date.

-- Vincent Panetta -- I wrote this from 11:24-11:35 AM EST May 19th, 2004