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I was waiting for Kristen when a good line fell into my head and off I wrote and talked to her and 57 minutes later this is what happened. This poem describes how dwelling over one person you know in person might come in question meeting someone just as amazing over the internet.

Love in Question
Itís nice to find a girl whoís cute and sweet
Someone who likes you and is always upbeat
You feel as though youíve known them for years
And the last thing youíd want to do is bring them to tears
You feel like you can talk about almost anything
To a girl whoís cute, witty, funny and can sing
You hope that you can be long-lasting friends
Keep in touch and hope it never ends
Both secretly wishing what the other is thinking
That you didnít have to talk online with smiley faces winking
That you could talk in person and see how things go
Cause when you talk to each other everything seems to flow
Maybe this is a sign that thereís more fish in the sea
Or that your mind has tricked you and you finally see
That you have more options than the one person you think of
Then begin to question how deep is your love?
Then reality hits and your back to day-to-day life
The woman you liked the longest youíll think of as your wife
And see the second person was a great friend that helped you
Do what you have always been afraid to
All this I write but do not know
But now I always have this glow
Smiling and talking laughing and revealing
Everything you have to say about that special feeling
Both girls can do it to me at anytime
Inspiring me to write poems that rhyme
But personal relationships are so much stronger
Plus you have known that one longer
Itís nice to gain confidence and a bit of courage too
So in this poem I thank Kristen, I love you
Whether its love like brother and sister
Or talking about Mary, God I miss her
One day Iíll tell her exactly how I feel
And looking back on it, it will be no big deal
Maybe Iím just making things out to be more than they are
Like having one good game and thinking youíre a star
But all it happened to be was blind luck
That goddamn word made me stuck
But who would of thought not saying good bye
Would eventually make me want to cry
Out my heart in this long ass poem
And show it to people when I donít even know Ďem
Iíve had my eye set on one for seven years
I could swim in a pool if I showed in tears
How much they both mean to me
To be beautiful with great personalities
Never a stroke of meanness just genuinely nice
And when I ask for it they give me advice
Fifteen years of this shit, being single
Cause Iím too afraid to give a girl a jingle
And confess what I have had rooted deep within
Lurking about me crawling beneath my skin

I think Mary is who I need to see
Since she is the one who lives near me
But Kristen youíre great and I wish you the best
I hope you can help me on my life long quest
To tell every thought I have in my head
To the women I love before I am dead

-- Vincent Panetta -- I wrote this from 12:14-1:11 AM EST May 27th/28th, 2004