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I wrote this after Lindsay had a great day with a friend golfing. She was sooo happy and in a great mood. Then someone said something or had a conversation with her and ruined it all for her. I felt bad so I wrote a poem.

I wish there was something that I could say
Something that could make it all go away
And make you feel the best youve been
With that laugh and charming grin
Ive known you for a little bit
And have enjoyed every minute of it
You make me fell so great inside
And hurt all the times that youve cried
I may not love you more than a friend
But only cause I know how itd end
Cause we dont live in the same state
And it would be weird to meet or date
But every time you read this remember me
A guy whod help you out, your e-hubby
If I were in New Orleans right now
Id give you a kiss, a hug and a bow
To show respect, sympathy, and love
Of you my gorgeous babe I have to think of
Cause if I could be with you every day
My thoughts of you would go the other way
Not as a friend but what is much more
My lil special e-wife whom I adore
When you read this I hope you feel
Good about yourself and think its no big deal
Whatever it is that happened that made you cry
So smile for me and just say goodbye
To any person who pisses you off
And made you forget the long day of golf
That you enjoyed with your cool friend
You are super sweet and this is the end
So let this be a reminder of what you really are
A great person I COULD love, but live a bit too far

-- Vincent Panetta -- I wrote this from 12:33-12:51 AM EST June 5th, 2004