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I started this poem off as a sonnet but decided that it would be too difficult to fit in what I had to say. Also I did not want to do iambic pentameter. It also started off to be about my cousins' girl situation. I then showed that he was not the only type of person who has a fat person mind-set out there. So around line 35 I began to talk about a different type later starting to talk about myself rahter than a Type B fatty so-to-speak. All of this was true when I wrote it but my life has done a 180 and let's leave it at I <3 Lindsay

When you give a fat kid the time of day
He’ll follow you around every which way
A conversation as a friendly hello
Is a fat kid’s invitation to social Jell-O
He’ll do anything that you ask him to do
Hold your books, binder, and purse too
You think that he’ll make a good friend.
He thinks he loves you to no end
You like him more and more as time passes
But he’s just a man that likes tight asses
He thinks his love for you is truly deep
But women control him as if he were a sheep
He convinces himself he can’t live without you
But if you looked like him he’d yell, “moo!”
For he demands physical perfection
Picturing you gives him an erection
True love is what his penis tells him
But he has no will to go to Dell’s gym
And understand women think like him too
They don’t want a fat ass just like you

He finally asks you out for dinner and a show
In panic you find a friendly way of saying hell no
You tell him that you’re better off as friends
But the fat kid’s confusion never ends
If you were a couple he’d treat you like gold.
But if you were ugly his love would be ice-cold
His friends tell him its cause he’s fat
He begins to cry rather then chat
Why cant women go out with nice fat guys
With a pudgy face and 60 pound thighs
He pities himself and lacks to see
He would do the same without sympathy
He stays fat as usual and repeats steps one to three
Finding girls and love that shouldn’t be

But not all fatties are like this
Some workout and quit being a sis
But he fears to do what the first one did
Asking out a girl isn’t easy kid
He has the body a girl will settle for
Keep on reading trust me there’s more
He works out all day and night
But for some reason to him he doesn’t look right
He’s still too fat but no one else sees it
He thinks of women quite a bit
Understanding women expect of him what he expects of them
He cannot satisfy himself and declare himself a true gem
Cause to him he’s always going to be fat
So he works out more and wears a backwards hat

He also knows he is shallow when it comes to love
But there is one girl out there, the perfect dove
Smart, funny, beautiful as can be
The girl that is right for me
This girl he cannot match as a man
But feels he has to just to hold her hand
Most girls he only likes cause how they look
And loves a girl who knows how to cook
He’s usually “friends” with hotties only wanting to bang ‘em
Except her, the one girl he truly considers a friend of him
This is not truly fatty number two
Whose story ended at thirty past two

This fatty is me you see
And all is true as can be
I started typing all this at 1:30
Finished number two at 2:30
Trying to rhyme every word I can
Just for the sake of being a man

Well now I have to finish my story
Of my love and achieving glory
We make a good team when were together
A friendship that could last forever
I do not know how she feels about me
Cause to me she’s beauty with a capital “B”
And no matter how much weight I can lift
Every time she talks to me my heart will shift
Now knowing what I need to do
I blame my schedule for not letting me be with you

Finally I feel it’s time to ask you out
Something I need to do without a doubt
Two years have passed since our best times
Now we are but two mimes
Making it hard for me to do what I know I have to
So when we are close again I’ll have to
Cause I think of you every passing day
Wishing I could have my way
I started typing to make this funny
But I cant help but think of you, my snuggle bunny
Making it about love with constant rhyme
Cause a poem I write without you in it should be a crime
I hope we get to date or at least stay friends
I hope the way I think of u never ends
This crappy poem took almost exactly two hours
Making up random rhymes by typing the word towers

Well I should let the audience know
That the perfect girl for me is Mary Marlo

-- Vincent Panetta -- I wrote this from 1:30-3:30 AM EST May 7th, 2004