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To buy a tape from ULTIMATE WRESTLING contact you up.

Violence and Athleticism.........10$ aprox:5 hours

This is a tape with all of our matches in september. Contains handicapt matches, hardcore matches, as well as a great and now seeming "classic" inferno match. Headlining the tape is the world title match at 3X the pain with CLosure (C) vs MjT vs Chris Knevil.

ATTEMPTED SUICIDE II.......10$ running time aprox 5 hours

The greatest event ever! yeah i said ever, journey with UW as they go on the road to suicide and witness demented on the road to the match of his life aginst closure in a 2 out of 3 falls match on halloween night. with over 50 fans chanting HOLY SHIT for 5 miniutes. see what cause that reaction see how closure made a name for himself as the most ruthless man in UW. See UW sign a actual pro wrestler named IB GREEN and face CRAZY CHRIS KNEVIL in a strap match. and the unforgetable brawl as MjT defends his tag titles in a handicapt match and see why MjT will undoubtably go down in the Ultimate Wrestling Hall of Fame!!