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The 18th Century and Restoration


1660> Charles the Second become King of England
1665>(July to October) Plauge of London, 60,000 killed
1666>(September 2-6) Great Fire of London
1667Jonathan Swift is born
1670>Dryden becomes the poet laureate
1672-74>England goes to war with Holland
          Joseph Addison is born
1675>Whig party is created
1679>Tories are named
1682>Library of Advocates
1683>Ashmolean Museum opens
1685>James the Second become King of England
1687>Principia Mathematica
1688> Glorious Revolution
          Alexander Pope is born
1694>Mary the Second dies
1698>Invention of steam engine by Capt Thomas Savery
1702-13>War of Spanish Succession
(March 11)Daily Courant published
1706>The Evening Post
1707>Great Britian is created
1714>Handel's "Water Music"
1719>Robinson Crusoe
1721>Robert Walpole becomes Prime Minister
1726>Gulliver's Travels
1727>(June 11)George the Second becomes king of England
1729>Bach's "St. Matthew's Passion"
1731>Seed drill invented by Jethro Tull
1732>Covent Opera House opens
1733>John Kay invents Flying Shuttle
1734>Kent's Dictionary published
1741>Handel's "The Messiah"
1742>England at was with Spain
1752>Gregorian Calander adopted
1755>Dictionary of the English Language by Dr. Samuel Johnson published
1756>Seven Years War with France begins
1759>British Museum in London opens
1760> George the Third becomes king of England
1763>Treaty of Paris
1764>James Hargeaves invents the spinning jenny
1768>Encyclopedia Brittianica published
1772-1937>Morning Post first published
1782>James Watt patents the steam engine
1783>Blake "Poetical Sketches"
1784>First edition of "The Times"
          Invention of the threshing machine by Andrew Meikle

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